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Can ChatGPT create original content?

Can ChatGPT create original content?I decided to test whether ChatGPT can create content 100% ready for publication.I know that content created by artificial intelligence needs to be checked for factual validity and grammatical errors.But I wanted to know if ChatGPT can create at least original content.But I was surprised that ChatGPT is not capable of that.Each time, ChatGPT would give me an article that had been aggregated from several other articles on the web. The best result I could get was 30% uniqueness.By the way, I used AIPRM prompts.Then I tested the rewriting prompts. One of them had 1100 likes.The article obtained with the first prompt was just garbage. The article obtained with the second prompt was also so-so.What I can say for sure at the moment, there is still a lot of work to be done to create and refine artificial intelligence. Or at least prompts.
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  • Gabriel White: Your questions can easily form the unique content you get using ChatGPT. Do you need to do some research for this? It`s all about the chat algorithm. Ask it to generate certain content, make adjustments using specific queries and you will get the desired uniqueness.
  • Richard Hearne: "Original" != "100% ready for publication"

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