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Create good quality backlinks without buying them

How can one create good quality backlinks without buying them or doing anything that Google doesn’t like? Is that even possible/worth pursuing?
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  • Usama Aj: I think it depends mainly on your marketing through social media...Creating profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc with connections related to the field in which you are working..Making connections with influential people in the field...and then promoting your content through your social media profiles..2ndly making connections with businesses and websites that are related to your field.. If there are other ways to generate organic links I would love to know them
  • Anais Winchester: Usama Aj Thank you. I’m already using social media to promote content but I’ll be looking into the second point you made. The answer might be found within the network in itself!
  • Tom Nguyen: You could write how to articles in your field and mention them in your social media posts. If the content you write is valuable to readers, people will link to it.
  • Anais Winchester: Tom Nguyen Thank you! That’s actually what I’m already doing, but I was wondering if there were some other techniques besides waiting for them / buying them.
  • Tom Nguyen: Anais Winchester you could reach out to your vendors and offer to do a case study or testimonial with links to your site. Or you can reach out to local publications and give an interview. Join a Chamber of Commerce and the BBB.
  • Ben Adler: You can perform unique studies and research worth linking to.
  • Phillip Matte: When browsing the internet pay special attention to the websites you visit. One way that backlinks can be generated is by noticed errors of a website and reporting them. Just throwing it out there cause I don’t see it mentioned. It doesn’t always happen but you never know.

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