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Doesn`t this lead to content duplication problems?

Translate press content duplication issues
We have our site in English, German & French. We are concerned that translate press creates two more language pages for every page or none at all. Pages that don`t have a translation automatically show hreflang versions in German and French but with the content still being in English.
Doesn`t this lead to content duplication problems as the same content is now shown on three pages? Won`t Google penalize us for these?
Is there a solution?
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  • Richard Hearne: Yes. I know that WPML has an option to only create the sibling DE and FR pages once the EN content is translated. Not sure if same option is available in TranslatePress.

    Google wont penalise you for this, but it`s not efficient.

    If TranslatePress doesn`t have an option to suppress the DE/FR pages until content is translated, you might be able to more efficiently handle this by canonicalising the DE/FR pages to the EN page until you`ve got the translations published. You just need to remember to self-canonilciase once translations are published. It`s still not ideal, but might help you somewhat.

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