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A question about keyword as domain name

Dear Community,

I have recently launched "(keyword)(brand).co.uk and are currently on page 4 on searches for that specific keyword although only a month or two in. The content is good and I have several hundred highly relevant  product pages.

We have just bought (keyword).co.uk and were planning to use this domain name instead. I am already aware that panda and penguin have devalued having keyword as domain name but I believe it still holds a little value for seo and also it will add more `industry expertness` type thing to the site.

We would only keep the latter website live as the content would be identical so I was wondering if it is worth doing a 301 redirect or just starting again.

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  • Helen Vozna: I'd 301 redirect your old pages to the new website. Your content is indexed and has ; good rankings, it's better to save it. However, I do not understand why you want to lease your brand name. I think brand name in a URL gives more ; authority to the website in the eyes of visitors
  • Ranu Jain: Yes, Paul any specific reason to remove the brand name.<br /><br />If you have decided to use a new domain name then you will have to set so many redirects.<br /><br />Other important thing to note here is that there was an EMD update by Google. It was for low quality Exact Match Domain. ;As you said that your content is good but still you have to be concerned a bit.  ;Though there’s no evidence that all exact-match domains were or will be hit by the EMD update.
  • W.E. Jonk: As far as I know Panda neither Penguin targeted keyword rich domains or exact match domains (EMD). Google did roll out an EMD update that targeted <b>low quality</b> EMD sites. So if you have a low quality EMD site you could drop faster and further down in the search results. In other words, if you have high-quality content it shouldn&#39;t affect you [1].<br /><br />With regard to moving your site to another TLD best practise is to use 301&#39;s as you already said. Make sure to 301 on a page level. For example don&#39;t 301 all the old pages to the new homepage. To speed things up you can use the &quot;change of address&quot; tool in GWT [2] (Bing has a similar tool [3]). With that you signal to Google (or Bing) that your site is moved, but keep in mind that there will a downfall because search engines have to notice the 301&#39;s and move all the &quot;search value&quot; to the new URL. This can take quite some time, especially for pages that are deep within your site.<br /><br />Whether or not you should move your site depends. Moving to a new TLD is not something one does for fun, it is a lot of work and in the beginning you lose some traffic. If both sites rank well and both have unique high-quality content it might not be necessary to move to a single site. However, on the other hand,  ;if you combine both sites the combined &quot;seacrh value&quot; might be boosting your ranking. Furthermore, it is also a business decision, in the sense that with a single site you serve every customer the same &quot;branded&quot; experience while with two site you &quot;brand&quot; one site to customer group while the other site is &quot;branded&quot; for a different customer group (for example a young audience versus a 40+ audience).<br /><br />[1] ;<br />[2] ;<br />[3] ;
  • Paul Harris: Thank you all for your comments. The only reason we are looking to move to (keyword). is so the keyword is not diluted by the brand for search engines.<br /><br />We have already got two other (keyword). sites in similar industries and both of these rank at position one on the first page for google uk searches for that keyword.<br /><br />Our goal is to be at position one for THIS keyword too although there is more competition in the new industry so I am prepared to lose some brand at the domain name level and just say within the website - is operated by BRAND.

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