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Will linking to websites that don`t have valid SSL certificates hurt ranking?

Re external links (outbound and relevant to the webpage content) to websites that don`t have valid ssl certificates - Does this have any impact on seo? Should these be no-followed? Or, they are fine and leave as-is.

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  • Michael Martinez: They are fine as long as they are the links you want to share with your visitors. Whether a site has a valid SSL certificate doesn`t mean anything to a search engine. While that COULD change some day in the future, the mere possibility itself is not a valid reason to worry about whether a link should use "nofollow". If you don`t believe a site is worth linking to, don`t link to it.
  • Neil Cheesman: Thanks - we have reviews of theatre productions and while we don`t sell any tickets for them we provide the link for customers to visit the theatres` websites - some of these are `fringe` venues and updating a website is not high on their agenda.
  • Michael Martinez: I would absolutely not worry about the links. They are fine, you will be fine, and your visitors will hopefully have a good time.
  • Neil Cheesman: If I don`t provide them then the user would have to go back to serps and search for it... ease of use really.

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