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Backlinks coming from an unrelated website

Should I disavow links coming from an unrelated website outside my niche/industry? (Even though they all have a 50+ DA). I heard relevancy is very very important..so do I remove them or just keep them..?

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  • Ali Atta: Keep them...
  • Chris Castillo: Every website is naturally going to get links from a wide range of linking domains - they aren`t always going to be niche relevant..I would keep them as long as their backlink profile is solid and linked domains aren`t suspicious.
  • Greg Stoffels: ∆∆∆ yep with Chris Castillo - check first . Like everything in life ideally check first , then react. It could be a genuine contextual link or a pbn test , who knows ... But if not bombarded with multiple spammy links , then take it as a gift.

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