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Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth It still in 2018?

Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth It still in 2018?
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  • Jim Munro: Worth it? Only for some unscrupulous people. Apparently, it`s a profitable industry for those willing to prey on the gullible but I don`t think it`s strategically safe. You`ll find plenty of people to disagree with me. :)
  • Monopoly Digital: This is a silly question. We would classify this as a terrible idea.
  • Jim Munro: We`ve seen an uptick of attempts to promote PBNs recently, I thought everyone knew better by now. I don`t think it is a resurgence, more like a dead cat bounce. As a policy, we do not even discuss them in the Dumb SEO Questions Facebook group. PBNs are a dirty industry of parasites preying on pinheads.
  • Andrew S: I wonder why you think it is not a good idea? I searched the internet and found quite a few experts and users saying the opposite. My understanding is that, one has to be super careful in terms of not leaving a footprint, but, other than that, this strategy seem to work for people. What is the reasoning behind your conclusion, please?
  • Jim Munro: Use your powers of deduction. If the shysters selling links on PBNs knew how to make long-term use of them, why would they bother looking for dummies to buy links instead of monopolising their position? Wouldn`t that be smarter? On this community, we want to give advice that will stand the test of time. Anything works for a while, for as long as it stays under the radar but PBN links have a limited useful life span. It`s a shell game to sucker money from dopes. BTW, it`s not reasonable to use "experts" and "PBN links in the same sentence. :)" They are not experts, they`re just con-men who have you hoodwinked momentarily.

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