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Does my site need to be W3C validated to rank?

Hey All, I have issues with HTML is not W3C validated. Can I get some help? Here`s the link for all the errors. How bad is this and can this hurt ranking. TIA

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  • Dave Elliott: Literally no one cares other than w3
  • Anthony Cioci: Really.....Hope so.....
  • Michael Martinez: Although validation is important for accessibility, in search engine optimization it reduces the doubt one might have about how well a search engine can parse a page. For sites that are implementing schema or other specialized markup, validation shoul…Lihat Lainnya
  • Anthony Cioci: Thank you Michael, not to sound stupid but this is new to me.when you say: " Worse, if you minify your code, that makes it really hard for people to help you (and it doesn`t do much for the user experience despite what 10 million blogs and page speed tools tell you)." what do you mean by this. I thought you should have your code minify
  • Michael Martinez: I just mean that minification is one of the least useful things you can do to speed up a website. Moving from a hard disk drive to a solid state drive will make the site much faster. Reducing or eliminating images, videos, and javascript improves the mobile user experience. Assume your mobile visitors are all being throttled due to rate limiting and network congestion. Your "fast" web pages are not so fast in those real world situations.
  • Anthony Cioci: i`m on ssd
  • Perry Bernard: Primary test for whether HTML issues cause rank challenges is whether the issues disrupt UX at the front end. If the answer is `no`, then it`s likely to have no impact.
  • Anthony Cioci: ty perry....

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