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When you can`t move forward without client content

Today`s question via video. How do other consultants and agencies handle the moment when you can`t move forward without client content?

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  • Ronan Walsh: Hey Scott, we give the client the option for us to create the content or
    for them to create the content themselves. We prefer to see them creating it as the quality is always better as they are experts in their own field but as you`ve pointed out the
    y are often time constraint. If we don`t have a draft or some movement on content within two weeks we will generally go back to the client and suggest they use our writers or even find someone themselves to outsource it too. At this point we don`t really care where the content comes from as long as its good quality, we just want to see the project get up and running. If the client fails to produce the content we will keep reminding them but if they can`t do it, that is their problem and up to them if they want to stop the service. We do make them aware of this at the begining of an engagement and have turned down clients due to their limited time - one of the big problems when working with start ups. Nothing worse than failing cause the client didn`t come through on their side cause you can put money on it that they`ll think you failed
  • Scott Clark: Excellent response. What happens a lot is that staff/roles change during a contract and the availability of resources fluctuates. You are so correct. Thanks for taking the time.

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