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Redirect and canonical mix

Canonical Question: Root Domain Redirects 302 to SubFolder but the canonical subfolder points to the root domain

domain.com => 302 => domain.com/index/ (Should this subfolder have a canonical pointing to the root domain.com?

My only concern is domain.com/index/ is not as strong as domain.com

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  • Jim Munro: I can`t fathom the rest of the question but you should never use a 302 for anything. googlebot will produce varying results.

    (I`m guessing that googlebot would ignore the canonical hint). Why do any of this? You already know that your best advantage will stem from
  • Andres Felipe Echavarria: Thanks Jim, actually 94% of the pages indexed are , so maybe Google is following the canonical, I, m going to recommend 301 to the subdomain, but dont know what to do with the canonical I should keep it?
  • Michael Martinez: Because the root URL is being redirected the canonical is supposed to be ignored. It comes down to how well the search engineers code their algorithms. There is no basis for saying "/domain/index/ is not as strong as /domain/" given how you describe this. Even with 302 redirects (ignoring all controversy over how long it takes) the link value will be transferred to the subfolder. So all the "strength" goes to the subfolder.
  • Andres Felipe Echavarria: actually both vertions have the same DA according to AHref

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