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Disavow site or no?

OK... have a gut on this, but wanted to get other opinions. First time dealing with a situation like this. Have a client I`m working with primarily as the dev.

Was cleaning some stuff up that GSC had caught. Noticed that their 2nd biggest provider of inbound links happens to be from a user signature on a message board type site totally not related to the business. The poster was a is/was a manager.

Disavow site or no? Again 2nd highest number of links, but not related to site.

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  • Todd Weise: Ironically dave it`s a site you could probably leverage for some of yours ;)
  • Hayk Saakian: I would strongly discourage any developers from submitting disavow requests unless that type of work is built into your contract and your client expects you to do SEO.

    I wouldn`t touch disavow unless I specifically knew a website was being targeted wi
    th negative SEO and spam intended to reduce our rankings.

    Even if a forum signature looks spammy, and google`s guidelines probably discourage that kind of thing you have to look at google actual rankings to see how they really feel about something.
  • Michael Martinez: I would NOT disavow the links unless it was obvious they were placed for manipulative purposes. Forum signature links by themselves are fine. I use them myself for the sole purpose of letting people learn more about me (no targeted anchor text, not linking to pitch pages, etc.).

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