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What are the main differences in ranking on Bing vs Google?

What are the main differences in ranking on Bing vs Google?
ie.. if a site is on page 1 on Bing (for a search term) but Page 3 on Google - Which factors would you first look at?

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  • Perry Bernard: Ranking factors on Bing are more like how they were in Google about 4 years ago.
  • Michael Martinez: One key difference between Bing and Google has always been the uniqueness of their indexes. Bing only counts links from its own index. Many people often assume that if Google includes a link then Bing will, but Bing excludes many more sites than Google does. Also, Bing follows its own rules for deciding which links to count and how to weight them. Bing also uses its own AI algorithms and weighting systems, so you can`t assume that whatever works for Google should work the same way for Bing.
  • Perry Bernard: good info. bing is a massive 4.5% of market here so we don’t typically give a hoot.
  • Michael Martinez: Another point to consider is that if you care about ranking in voice search you need to worry about Bing more than Google. Bing drives about 2/3 of voice search for now.
  • Neil Cheesman: I guess voice search will likely dominate in the same way that mobile has taken over from desktop - imho
  • Michael Martinez: I dunno. The desktop hasn`t been abandoned and most transactions (in certain industries) still occur on the desktop. So no matter what happens, I wouldn`t assume that either desktop or mobile will become less important to people. My guess is that just as people spend more time on mobile that they used to spend on non-computer things, voice will also take away time from non-computer things.
  • Neil Cheesman: People are generally `lazy`... ;) - personally I like to do all transactions on a desktop but I may well not be the `average person` nowadays...
  • Neil Cheesman: I guess it may also depend on the niche...
  • Michael Martinez: Yes, niche is important. That is why I edited my comment. I doubt many people order an Uber or Lyft from the desktop. I don`t even know if that is possible.

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