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Advice on ticketing website please

Advice please...
Established website that sells tickets (via affiliate links) for 30+ venues across the UK.
30 venue `pages` have been made on the website that displays what is on at these venues - updated weekly. Links go through to buying etc from the vendor`s site.
These pages venue were made about 3 months ago and most rank between positions 10-20 on G - what suggestions to raise these up... (internal links in place)
Bearing in mind that likely all of these venues will have their own GMB page (I haven`t checked) or at least have each venue`s website listed on Google Maps.
Any suggestion how to move these up? Without the `obvious` external links...
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  • Dave Elliott: What else is on the venue pages? Do you have directions to get there? Do you have reccomendations for bars or food before hand? What value is there for a user to go to your site over the official one or ticket master?
  • Neil Cheesman: I have created a unique sidebar for one of the venues and added related content links there - this is a hard one "over the official one" and needs some more detailed thought - thanks for your input.
  • Michael Stricker: Event organization beyond chronological. Fresh UGC. Archived.

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