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URLs in my GA account don`t have the "s" for SSL

Google Analytics URLs

So I just realized that most of the URLs in my GA account don`t have the "s" for SSL

Does that matter?


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  • Johnny Tillotson: If your site has an SSL then I would check to make sure the https version is set as the canonical. If you don`t have SSL then I`d look into getting it. Google devalues your site if you don`t have it
  • Michael Martinez: Are you redirecting from the HTTP to the HTTPS version of your site? If people are landing on the HTTP version and not being redirected, Google Analytics will just record the traffic over the first protocol that loads it.
  • Michelle Korn: - yes, it`s being redirected.

    So does that mean I don`t have to add them all into GA as https?

  • Michael Martinez: I think I misunderstood you. You`re not talking about GA recording hits on HTTP protocols, you`re talking about the Default URLs under "Property Settings", aren`t you? I reset all ours to HTTPS when I converted the sites. Honestly, I don`t recall if that made a difference. I use Google Analytics as a sort of backup reporting tool because it`s not very accurate.
  • Michelle Korn: Yes, sorry if I wasn`t clear

    Someone else told me where to change it in there, so I will do that now.

    Why isn`t it accurate & what do you use?
  • Michael Martinez: We use server side analytics and a mix of 3rd-party tools, including Google Analytics and Jetpack. GA has the most advanced reporting interface but they are terrible at collecting and classifying data. And then on sites with a lot of traffic they resort to sampling unless you pay for the service. It`s just not worth my time and money.
  • Michelle Korn: Sorry for the delay, been busy.

    Ok, I will look up the one you mentioned.

    Jetpack I think I tried before on one site, but I don`t know how to use it LOL

    Thanks a ton
  • Paul Thompson: The Property and View site settings are what determine the format of those URLs, . Once you update them in GA admin, the URLs that show up in GA reports will be correct.

    None of this will have any effect on the site itself, or the data accuracy. The only effect is on what the URLs look like within GA reports. (Unlike in Google Search Console, where the HTTPS property contains completely different data.)
  • Michelle Korn: Ok, thanks - I have a ton of work i have to do now that I`m switching plugins.

    Then I have to change them in Google Console too.

    Have a good one.
  • Paul Thompson: The settings I`m talking about are in the admin section of Google Analytics itself, . Nothing to do with what plugins you use on the websites. The screenshot is the Property Settings. Same thing is also set in the View Settings.
  • Perry Bernard: GA doesn`t actually care what protocol is stated in the Property setting - and if you installed the tag in more than one domain - it doesn`t even care about that either and will simply group all data as if it was a single domain. What I`m saying is that the lack of `s` in the protocol wont affect the data.

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