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Removing some duplicate content

Hey guys  I have a technical SEO question, I was wondering if anyone could help me with.

I`m currently trying to get rid of some duplicate content on a website. The home page is showing up in an audit as a duplicate. one is thissite.com and the other is thisiste.com/default.aspx

Should I go ahead and use rel canonical or is there a better way to do it? Which page should I use the main or does it matter? thanks, everyone

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  • Benj Arriola: I generally prefer a 301 redirect over a canonical tag.

    Now the specific issue with default.aspx, it has to be a conditional redirect where it reads the URL path or the server variable REQUEST_URI and the condition is to check if default.aspx is in the URL or not, if it is, then 301 redirect to the URL without it.

    Without the conditions, you end up in an endless redirect loop.

    Only if there is some trouble in implementing this, then I will go with the canonical tag.
  • Bilal Anwar: Use 301 redirect on which page you want to rank and use canonical tag as well to avoid duplication issue in future

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