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Went into GSC for URL removal

Went into GSC for URL removal of / for the https://www.url, http://www.url, and http://www.url versions of a http://url site and it deindexed http://url as well. W.T.F.
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  • Patty Mantaloons: "Mueller said that a site removal request in one of the domain variations would apply to ALL domain variants. So a site removal request for the http://example.com would also apply to http://www.example.com as well as for the https variations as well."
  • Steve Gerencser: Don`t - their system for URL removal is pretty stupid and obviously written by Montisorri programmers that haven`t really eve had a real world job.
  • Patty Mantaloons: I feel like such an idiot
  • Patty Mantaloons: I blows my mind. If you can remove individual pages within each GSC view for http/https/www/non-www, you`d think removing / would remove only that version
  • Patty Mantaloons: I can`t stop refreshing
  • Patty Mantaloons: Already back in the index after resubmitting only an hour ago. Man oh man lesson learned.
  • Patty Mantaloons: Rankings seem to be back, too
  • Steve Gerencser: Now do it again so that you can get an average amount of time it takes to recover rather than a single data point

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