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Unrealistic low bounce rate

What will happen if you track pageview with standard ga tracking code and track events with GTM?

Recently I am analysis a website and found that it has an unrealistic low bounce rate. And I also found that they track their pageview with standard GA code while in GTM, they "didn`t fire pageview" but have a lot of event tracking.

My hypothesis is that GTM can`t tell which events correlated to which session so this might be something to do with the weird bounce rate, but I actually have no idea.

So my question is, what actually will happen if you track pageview with GA and event with GTM(without firing pageview tag)

Let me know your thought,

Thank you,

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  • Scott Clark: 100% you are on the right track. I`ve run into this quite a few times.

    Hit Google Analytics and run some charts, look for the start of these events. Run a bounce rate chart on the same dates. You`ll see the corresponding drop in bounce rate.

    My advice would be to pull everything into GTM. It just makes life easier.
  • Benj Arriola: Totally agree with , put it all in GTM.
    - maintenance is easier
    - risky to have events in GTM and pageviews outside of GTM, once someone makes a mistake to add a pageviews GTM, double counting may occur.

    Having all tags in GTM decreases the chances of having only events without pageviews since they are implemented together
    - if an event fires and fails to load a pageview, this can cause many (not set) values in multiple places.
  • Jay Lo: Thank you everyone, very insightful explanation!

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