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The best internal linking strategy

A very important On-Page SEO Question:

I have a service page and 3 Blog post linking to that service page, let`s use an example here:

Service Page:

Blog Post:
How Inpatient Rehab Can Aid Recovery
How to find best Rehabilitation Center
Holiday Part was held at Rehabilitation Center

Now all these 3 blog posts are linking to the service page "Rehabilitation" but these 3 blog posts are now in "Orphaned content" although these 3 blog posts can be viewed from a Blog page that I have which lists all the blog posts.

Now what could be the best internal linking strategy that I can use to link these blog posts internally.


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Michael Martinez: I don`t understand why you say the blog posts are orphaned if they are being linked to from a blog page? An "orphaned" page is a page that has no incoming links from the host (root domain or subdomain) where it is published. The blog page might be orphaned but the posts are not. All that aside, orphaned pages are not always worthless. If there are external links pointing to them then they act like microsites within larger sites.
  • Zawar Kamal: it is a WordPress website and it has a Blog Page by default which lists all the blog posts & they don`t have any external links.
  • Michael Martinez: Okay, so it may help to take "orphaned" out of the discussion. You have a service page and 3 blog posts are linking to it. If the blog posts are similar enough, you could simply add a "See also ..." section at the bottom of each post and have them link to each other. I do this on numerous Websites. There`s no way to show there is (not) an SEO benefit to doing that, but people who enjoy the first post may click through to 1 or both of the others.
  • Zawar Kamal: Can I link Blog Posts from my Service Page? I think this will affect the importance of Service page?
  • Zawar Kamal: Yeah I do have a Related posts section at the bottom of every blog post, but it still doesn`t resolve the issue of Orphaned content.
  • Michael Martinez: You can link wherever you want. I normally include the "Blog" section in sitewide navigation. But there is no rule that says you must do that.
  • Michael Martinez: It`s NOT "orphaned". I don`t understand what you mean by "orphaned". If there is a page on the site linking to the blog posts, they are not orphaned.
  • Michael Martinez: And, really, having orphaned content is not an SEO problem, not in the sense that it`s going to cause a search engine to distrust or delist a Website.
  • Zawar Kamal: I do have a Blog section in the main menu and it lists all the blog posts, I also have related posts sections under each blog post. But my blog posts are still listed as orphaned content in WordPress.
  • Michael Martinez: What is listing them as orphaned? WordPress by default doesn`t do any such thing. Can you share a screen capture of this "orphaned" report?
  • Zawar Kamal: It`s Yoast.
  • Michael Martinez: I haven`t used their orphaned post filter. If you know for a fact that the posts are appearing in 1 or more WordPress archive index pages then ignore what the plugin says until they can identify and fix the problem.
  • Zawar Kamal: I`m afraid Yoast can only show me the Orphaned posts but it cannot fix the problem :)
  • Michael Martinez: Zawar Kamal I`m going to take a wild guess here because I don`t want to go through all our sites to see where we`re using Yoast. Are you using "noindex" on your blog archive pages? If so, try allowing them to be indexed. Maybe look for "nofollow".
  • Zawar Kamal: 2 quick questions:

    1) Can I link a Blog post from a service page with an anchor text that is not a focus keyword for my service page?
  • Michael Martinez: Yes and yes. But before you do that, I think you should determine if you`re unnecessarily noindexing or nofollowing pages/links. If you can identify why Yoast is considering these pages as orphans, you may only need "fix" that (or at least you`ll know why you have to go around it if you really want to noindex, nofollow stuff on your site).
  • Zawar Kamal: This is indexing settings for my Blog page:
  • Michael Martinez: Well, I just ran a search on our server and none of our Yoast-using sites are set up the way your site is. If you`re allowing all the archive pages to be shown to search engines then it sounds like a Yoast bug. Try looking at the "Blog" page in "view source" and see if there is a "noindex" or "nofollow" anywhere on the page.
  • Michael Martinez: Also, if you`re using more than one SEO plugin, there could be a conflict between that and Yoast. Yoast will try to flag such conflicts but there are a LOT of plugins.
  • Michael Martinez: Here is a faster way to check. Go to Bing or Google and do a "site:" query on just the "/blog" folder.
  • Zawar Kamal: I just checked the source code and there`s no use of noindex, nofollow in the blog posts or on the main blog page. :)
  • Michael Martinez: I have no idea. Maybe someone else who has experienced this can jump in. But if the blog posts are indexed in Bing and Google I would definitely ignore Yoast on this one.

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