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The image is mine but the description is WIkipedia`s

How does this work - in the screenshot on the right, the image is my image from my website, however, the blurb is from Wikipedia beside my image. My site is not even listed on the first page but that image is pointed to my site. So why are they pulling the image? How does Google pull this data?

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  • Marcus Pentzek: Check switching to image search. I bet there your image is ranking quite well
  • Joanna Jana Laznicka: Mine doesn`t show up when i look at image search
  • Marcus Pentzek: You mean the image in the Answerbox from ? When I search for micro vc it shows up first position in image search.
  • Marcus Pentzek: Or do you mean the image in knowledge graph?
  • Joanna Jana Laznicka: My image is the one that is the plant, that image
  • Marcus Pentzek: OK, found it. This demonstrates Google capabilities to understand vc equals venture capital. Search for venture capital in Google image search. There I see your image 😊
  • Joanna Jana Laznicka: Interesting they think so highly of my site they care to use the image but not put my site on the first page for that term
  • Marcus Pentzek: Good image SEO doesn`t mean that they think your text content is better than the other s
  • Neil Cheesman: I have also seen this anomaly... (and don`t have an answer)

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