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Fastest way to get my updated pages indexed by Google

What is the fastest way to get my updated pages indexed by Google?
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  • Perry Bernard: Fetch as google from GSC. Although if your site has a healthy crawl schedule it won’t take long anyway.
  • KJ Subz: Can you break it down for me, please. How do I access GSC? How do I find out my crawl schedule?
  • Tony McCreath: GSC = Google Search Console. Find it and verify your site so that you can access lots of Google data on it. For indexing, enter your URL into the inspection tool. You will then see a Submit To Index option.
  • Perry Bernard: Oh sorry , that was me rushing an answer while I had a second spare. But nailed the response. You need to use your Google login to access this: you then add your website into there (add site - and verify). This is Google`s side version of Analytics - like Analytics measures data on your domain, GSC measures data on `` and all other Google search properties. You get free access to that data, if you are the site owner. Once verified, you can submit individual URLs to be crawled and updated (plus lots more). I suggest using the help docs in GSC to discover most of what you need to know about in there, or else come back here for more Qs.
  • Perry Bernard: Start here for GSC
  • KJ Subz: Perry Bernard, so after visiting the GSC, I clicked on URL inspection and entered the URLs of the updated pages, one at a time, and for each of them, I clicked on the Request Indexing link next to Page Changed and it came back with an Indexing Requeste
  • KJ Subz: Awesome, . Thanks heaps for taking your precious time!

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