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Two identical sites with the same content

Hey Everyone, some one copy our website and paste on a new domain (It looks like someone crawled static files from the site and put a site up. No idea what would be the reason behind this). I believe someone want to hurt us but not sure how this new website (duplicate) can hurt our website. Do you have any idea?
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  • Richard Hearne: How new is your website?
  • Jim Munro: Hi Nazmun, would you like to post the URL. You don`t have to but it would help to be able to test a few things.
  • Richard Hearne: In most cases of something like this, the goal isn`t to directly hurt you but instead to benefit the person doing this. You`ll often find they copy your content, but update links to point at external (money-making) activities. It`s quite rare that clon
  • Richard Hearne: FYI the .club site was blocked by my AV. Far more likely they are trying to scam people than affect your SEO. Look into DMCA to have their content taken down. Contact their webhosts.
  • Richard Hearne: Kaspersky says that the site hosts malicious software:

    Reason: the object is infected by HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic

    So likely they are trying to infect/hack visitors.
  • Richard Hearne: Actually can you edit your comment to remove that link please? And if you have visited their site I would take care with your PC. May be infected.
  • Nazmun Nahar: Thanks a lot for your valuable diagnosis and advice.
  • Michael Martinez: If they are trying to distribute malware they may point a lot of links at the site to outrank yours. You should try to get the Web host to take it down and file a DMCA takedown request with major search engines as well. And if you have a Google Search Console account you can file a spam report. I think they escalate malware reports.
  • Ameet Chhimpa: Report it to Google Webmaster Console or write to Google Support. Share your concern with references on each ground you think things to be checked and investigated about!
  • Ameet Chhimpa: It`s against Google`s Policy.
  • David Ogletree: Find out who is hosting it and do a take down notice
  • Kieran Gibbons: Happened to me a few months ago, was up for a couple of months then vanished. I think it was hosted in Costa Rica. No idea what the idea was behind it though

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