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Switching from Wix to Wordpress

Does it matter to SEO if I change from Wix to Wordpress?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Jim Munro: Your happiness index will rise.
  • Pim Sandra: what does it mean?
  • John Lee: mai tung wa WP dee gwah WIX
  • Jim Munro: Pim Sandra It means that it`s not possible to properly optimise a Wix site because of the way they code it whereas, with a WordPress site, you at least have a reasonable chance.
  • Pim Sandra: Ohh thank you
  • Naveen Kapoor: WordPress works better
  • Pim Sandra: Will I lose rankings if I change the from Wix to WordPress?
  • Naveen Kapoor: yes it will effect
  • Pim Sandra: Thank you for answering me
  • James Fuller: it may affect but that doesn`t mean you will lose rankings. Your rankings will be affected mostly if you change the content and structure of your website. WordPress is searchable by search engines.
  • Pim Sandra: Thank you! That helps me a lot
  • Pri Kruijen: You`ll see some ranking fluctuations when you change your website over, however, I`d avoid doing it this week as there`s a core Google algorithm happening.
  • Pim Sandra: Thank you so much!
  • Rishi Lakhani: Yes it matters massively! You will finally be able to do real SEO on your site
  • Pim Sandra: Thank you!
  • James Fuller: WIX is not friendly on some browsers especially work browsers. WordPress has many free SEO plug ins although paid gives you more features. Some themes come with SEO built in.
  • Hanan Musafia: One important thing you need to do is to redirect all your old urls to your new WordPress urls.
    You have plugins that can help with that
  • Robyn Hewitt: Roxanol
  • Abhishek Deshpande: Lot will affect.

    1. Your Website Performance
    2. SERP

    Make sure you maintain Same URL`s & Don`t Use h1, h2 more than once on Page.
  • Pim Sandra: Thank you
  • Justin Mager: Yes your doing a site migration. Redirecting is very important.
  • Pim Sandra: Sure!
  • Lisa Brown: I migrated a site from Wix to WordPress 2 1/2 weeks ago, their rankings are already improving. We did redirects for every URL on the original Wix site, added schema, in addition to brand new longer content.
  • Kwame Ofori: What about weebly?
  • Jim Munro: Others might disagree , but I think considering Wix/Weebly is a little like contemplating jumping from a Cliff/Tall Building. Both are OK until the pain begins.

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