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Other people`s articles or mine?

Other people`s articles or mine?

I tried to hire a writer to write up short educational tips about the different services I offer & then put a CTA at the end to one of my pages.

From a branding, SM, or Trust perspective, which do you think is better? Your own articles (or educational Memes) or someone else`s articles with a few of your own?


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Jef Van Gool: You should mix it up and test it against your audience and goals. Let the data tell you what it should be
  • Michelle Korn: Well I`m pretty sure there`s a hard & fast rule about this.

    I don`t know how to test on SM
  • Michael Martinez: I wouldn`t copy anyone else`s articles without permission but sharing links to other people`s articles is generally acceptable, especially if you comment on them. I think even GDPR allows that (for linking to content published in or by Europeans).
  • Michelle Korn: - I would never copy other people`s articles without their permission.

    I assume she meant the links.

    I don`t really cater to EUs, more to Americans.

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