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Deciding which schema to add

About schema markup that are not listed in Google Develop Guide

Hi everyone, I wonder how do you decide if you should add schema code propery and attribute that are not listed in google developer guide to avoid wated effort?

According to Google develop guide, it said :


Most Search structured data uses schema.org vocabulary, but you should rely on the documentation on developers.google.com as definitive for Google Search behavior, rather than the schema.org documentation.

However, in other section of the guide do encourage using extra schema code like this page said:

The Knowledge Graph can potentially ingest data using any schema.orgelements, even those not described in this documentation.


Personally, I do experience a lot of instances Google extract my schema code that are not listed in their developer guide and use it for rich result.

The question is, how do you decide which code to add? Since put all the code that are applicable is sometime kind of time consumming.

Let me know your though or experiences!


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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Stockbridge Truslow: Google`s guide is an indicator of the types of structured data that they are confident that the spiders and the algorithm and all the other moving parts can use. Things that aren`t listed my not help you all that might right now, but it may help tomorrow. Google is always updating with ways to better understand what you`re trying to say.
  • Jay Lo: Stockbridge Truslow thank you so much! It`s a very good mindset:)
  • Michael Martinez: Schema is not intended only for Bing and Google. Any complex site search tool could make use of it. The Dublin Core (1990s) code was also intended for a variety of apps.
  • Jay Lo: Michael Martinez thank you Michael!
  • Michael Martinez: You`re welcome. However to clarify my point a little, Schema provide an opportunity for creating a service that no other site offers. Both Dublin Core and Schema turn Web documents into indexable data records. You can create your own index-and-search system. In the old days we called this "business application programming" and what Schema does is define data record formats (with embedded field labels). So you don`t have to wait for Bing, Google, and Yandex to figure out what to do with the Schema. If you see a need, fill it (if you have the resources).

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