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The first paragraph does not include keyword phrase

Hi, I am working with a business owner who is writing blog posts. He uses a storytelling approach which means the first paragraph of his blog does not include his keyword phrase. He tells an allegorical story in the first paragraph. How can I help his blog`s SEO when his Keyword phrases don`t appear until the second paragraph?
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  • Michael Martinez: They don`t always need to be in the 1st paragraph. What does Google Search Console show you?
  • Lisa Missenda: Michael Martinez I will need to check - I am using Rank Math and they always give me a bad score because it is not in the first paragraph.
  • Bill Hartzer: Lisa I would ignore rank math. There are better on page SEO tools out there.
  • Tricia Barnes: Professional writer & content strategist here - You don`t necessarily need the keyword phrases in the first paragraph. Search engines do not look at a single post in isolation; they take into account hundreds of signals to decide where to rank a particular page or post.Review the analytics to see whether or not the posts are worthwhile from an SEO perspective. The worst-case scenario will be that they`re not helping him rank - they won`t damage SEO.
  • Kristen Hansen Lowrey: As a bypass, use a single descriptive sentence (almost like a subtitle) at the beginning of the post. Don’t make it a header, just centre it and italicise it so it stands out from the regular content. Use the keyword in this.
  • Lisa Missenda: Kristen Hansen Lowrey like this idea

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