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Stay in the top rank

Thanks for the acceptance to the group.... I wonder if anyone can advise - my partner is an artist and a couple of years ago (for several years) used to rank in the top 1-3 for the term "pet portraits" - she dropped down about 2 years ago and has managed to get to the heady heights of No. 30(ish) I see websites ranked on page 1 that don`t seem to have anything like the quality of backlinks and content - any suggestions as to what might be holding the website down? Many thanks for any advice...


Edwin Jonk: I am crawling your site now with SemRush. Ping Jim Munro

Neil Cheesman: Thanks Edwin Jonk

Edwin Jonk: One obvious issue are the low quality backlinks. I will share the reports with you privately.

Neil Cheesman: Many thanks - I appreciate that - although when looking at a couple of other wbsites ranked on page one a couple have 10-15 backlinks...

Edwin Jonk: Well low quality backlinks can hurt your site overall.

Edwin Jonk: For example: www(dot)planeturine(dot)net/index.cfm/ID/56/

Neil Cheesman: I am fairly certain that is in the disavow file as they won`t remove it..

Edwin Jonk: Indeed, you should disavow.

Neil Cheesman: Thanks again

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