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Static page or weekly blog post?

I run an event directory site. Each week I create a post of the top events to attend that weekend. Is it better to:
Have a static page where I change the content weekly?
Have a new blog post each week?
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  • Tim Capper:

    Good question !
    Normally I would say the new post each week would be okay, as it contains different events - so not duplicate in any way and I guess you had a different date in the pages title
    However ..... If this created weekly for the upcoming weekend - you want that very visible to the users.
    I would probably have this as a static page in your main site thats gets updated, rather a weekly post.
    I would take a look at eventbtight who do weekly and monthly updates.


  • Michael Martinez: There is something to be said for both strategies. Or you could use a hybrid approach. If you`re using a standard CMS that pings when you publish a new Post (as opposed to a Page) then you may get more RSS subscribers and automatic social media shares by keeping the Post format. But the static page can have a memorable URL that is easy to share, too. A hybrid strategy would update the static Page with details and simply use Posts to announce updates. You could delete or redirect the Posts to the static Page as they become obsolete.
  • Rishi Lakhani: I would certainly recommend this strategy
  • Neil Cheesman: I am not sure if this would work in your niche but have you considered a `venue page`?

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