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Shutting down GMB account

Has anyone shut down a GMB account for a non-storefront business that had a GMB setup?

About to do so with a company and set it to non-existent.

My fear is that it may say "Permanently Closed" afterwards.


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  • Rishi Lakhani: Change the name first... then let that stay that way for a bit then shut it down.

    Never tried that approach but thought it would have always been the way to go...
  • Scott Clark: Very possibly it will say that.. Agree with name change
  • Jesse McDonald: What kind of business is it? If you are considering shutting it down just because there isn`t an actual storefront then maybe just switch it to a service area. That way you can keep the profile but don`t have to worry about it displaying the address.
  • Chris Boggs: I am actually gonna call GMB about the (parent) brands site + ecommerce site issue. Holding company is brand(logos).com and the main sub-brand is (logo).com. Want to get the brand knowledge graph for a "corporate" type search but the ecomm site for brand + category. Fun experiments so far... love to hear others` experience with this.
  • Loren Baker: Basic issue is that they have no storefront, but the Google Local Guides who are trying to boost their points are randomly reviewing them. GMB only showing up in their city, so it`s not an emergency, everywhere else its PLAs or knowledge panel, which are fine.
  • Loren Baker: And the problem with Google Local Guides obviously is that Google has yet again introduced a flawed idea to a rather large audience
  • Jesse McDonald: In that case, I would just turn it into a service area business. That way you don`t have to worry about any address-related issues, don`t have to worry about it saying the business is closed, and continue to send that positive signal to Google for the business.
  • Loren Baker: Thanks. It`s eCom online only. It serves the world.
  • Rishi Lakhani: google local guides are often assh***s.
  • Jesse McDonald: Hmmm. That does change things a bit.
  • Loren Baker: It`s a messed up system that Google has launched with a wide net that yet again, they`ll have to fix. In the meantime, messing with businesses.
  • Adam John Humphreys: You just remove people come to my office or whatever option. Google actually made me remove this
  • Rob Woods: Yeah. I have my business which is really online only set up as a service area business. I show as a local business to local people only and service area just hides the address. That’s the easiest immediate change. You can always contact a gmb rep as well and ask what’s best. They are actually usually responsive and helpful (I was shocked to learn)
  • Jesse McDonald: ^^^ I`ve moved some mountains by talking to a rep in the past.
  • Gina Fiedel: So have I. It was a very pleasant surprise.
  • Adam John Humphreys: Yep my experience with them is around 6-12 hours
  • Tim Capper: If this is a popular location / business with reviews - its unlikely that it will be removed when you delete from account.

    And if marked as closed or does not exist - it will have permanently closed label.

    Your other option would be to change category to head office.

    Another option would be to report it as non existant via -

    They will remove as spam - dont worry this wont impact anything online !

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