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Crawled but currently not indexed

Hey guys, I have a coverage issue in my GSC. My GSC coverage section says that 7 pages in my website are " Crawled, Currently not indexed" . That happened 4 days ago but before that everything was fine ...all my website`s 16 URLs were valid. What could cause that? And what should i do to solve this issue? Please, note that that website is new. It`s just been live since march, 11th and has no backlinks pointing to those dropped from the index pages or to the valid ones.
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  • Brenda Michelin: Google Search Console has had a bug lately that erroneously removed a lot of pages from the index. Try submitting them again with the URL Inspection Tool.
  • Ahmed Ibrahim: Thank you, Brenda. So is it a GSC issue, or an indexing issue. In fact, my homepage is reported that it`s not indexed but when i Google it, it appears as a top result in SERP, So is my best performing page which appears in the third page when i use the keyword for which i want to rank which is fairly competitive (Carpet Cleaning company in Riyadh). So
  • Michael Martinez: Not GSC. Just Google. They say they fixed the problem but it could take weeks for everything that was dumped to be recrawled and re-integrated into the index. A lot of algorithms have to be run on those pages again.
  • Ahmed Ibrahim: Thank you, Michael.
  • Michael Martinez: You should go ahead resubmit at least your XML sitemap (if you have one) for crawling, but you can use the URL inspection tool on individual pages. Just remember it may take a while for referral traffic to come back. I expect this varies by Website.
  • Ahmed Ibrahim: I actually did. But i was wondering which way to submit my XML site map. I have Yoast , Which has two files in the XML-sitemap, one for posts and the other for pages. Which way is the best, submit each one separately (page site map and posts site map) or the whole file?
  • Michael Martinez: It doesn`t matter. The search engines treat XML sitemaps as suggestions but I`ve submitted duplicate sitemap files passively and actively for years with no repercussions. This is a situation where I say do what makes you feel like you`ve done all you can. We have no control over the indexing.
  • Brenda Michelin: submit:
  • Michael Stricker: Keep an eye on the Canonical status of your fave pages — Ggogle only wants Canonical URLs in the Index, and it is especially likely to affect whether those URLs return to visibility in GSC.

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