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Should I switch to Wordpress?

My coder built me a site in html....and it`s been great for the past few years. But he is no longer able to help me with the site and i now need full control over the site and i do not know any code. I need a wordpress version of my site. Some thing that i can personally update and change etc.....Do i scrap my site and start afresh (i think no) . But what do i do . My site has 140 pages currently.....but most of those pages are weak due to not many words (thin content) on the majority of the pages. I have a writer willing to help increase the onpage content and keywords etc. But i am stuck for the best move. I want to be able to upload new images and products....and i can`t do any of this at present so a wordpress switch is what i need. I have no idea what i should be doing now to move forward Please advise. 

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  • Michael Martinez: You could hire someone to convert the site for you. You could also install WordPress in the root directory and copy the pages manually as your time permits. You don`t have to replace all 140 URLs at one time. In fact, I have converted several sites piecemeal exactly that way. Just be sure you have a backup copy of the site before you make changes.
  • Craig Anthony: thank you so much Michael
  • John Vertigo: Make it in WordPress and put all the content inside ? It`s things I do, and I`m probably not alone doing this
  • Craig Anthony: cheers john. im slowly growing in confidence
  • Benj Arriola: I once worked on a site that was all in plain HTML and converted it into Wordpress by creating a separate script that read each HTML file and injected into the MySQL database directly of Wordpress. But the good thing about it... the guy that made the site in plain HTML was pretty consistent with many things, how he named his tag IDs and classes, even to his tab spacing, which made it easier for me to pull things out from each file with an automated script. But if things are all over the place and many file code inconsistencies, it can be harder. Either more studying of the code and more complicated regex scrapes or just hire manual copy and paste labor.
  • Craig Anthony: as far as i was the aware my orignial web guy did an amazing job with the html structure/abs pacing etc. No complaints in that department. It looked like a work of art. he was very meticulous. Thanks for the reassurance
  • Craig Anthony: i have sent you a pm benj
  • Andrew Simpson: Craig, just Google "web designer near me" or get a local company recommended... that`s your best solution
  • Craig Anthony: cheers andrew
  • Jenny Halasz: I have a company I can recommend for this but I don’t want to link drop. PM me for details. For themes, I’ve converted to Divi. I really like it. Once you strip out the bloat, it’s fast and easy.

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