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Heading tags in page footer

should heading tags (such as h2, h3, h4) be avoided in the footer for better on page seo for a retail website? Most sites use h3 or lower tags for about us, contact us, help etc. which do not have any seo value. CSS could be used in lieu of these tags.

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  • Michael Martinez: The search engines don`t really care about where you use Hx header markup. They may infer some significance from whatever text is so highlighted but they are under no obligation to do so. The Hx elements are intended for hierarchical demarcation of page content, but people use them in unorthodox ways all the time. And you should not dismiss the so-called "incidental pages" like "About Us", "Contact Us", etc. Consumers search for them all the time, especially on ecommerce sites because they want to know from whom they are buying products and/or need to ask questions, request refunds or product replacement, and other reasons.
  • Ryan Jones: yes, by definition nothing in the footer is a page heading. it has no real effect on SEO, but you`ll fail some accessibility tests with H tags in your footer.

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