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Choosing domain name for SEO

I need some help in picking a domain name as far as ranking in the search engines. Which would be better mysite.review or mysitereview.com?

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  • Johnny Cryar: Sorry didn`t know that would turn into a live link.
  • Michael Martinez: The search engines don`t care. You won`t get a ranking benefit from either domain name.
  • Bledar Memishaj: I`d go with the second. No other reason but for it looking more genuine.
  • Dave Elliott: doesn`t make a difference for rankings, but people get confused by the weird tlds
  • JL Faverio: Choose a domain name that is easy to say out loud and spell. EMD (exact match domains) are not a Google ranking factor, but merely a branding method for your business.
  • JL Faverio: And stick with .COMs
  • Michael Martinez: I like .biz and .info myself.
  • JL Faverio: Why is that?
  • Michael Martinez: Because there are many domains in those TLDs that sound perfectly natural when spoken out loud. .com isn`t everything in Web marketing or branding.
  • JL Faverio: yea I`m ust not there yet. I`m sure there`s an awesome one out there that may catch my eye, but for now I don`t recommend them to clients.
  • Michael Martinez: I went down that road years ago because people kept saying Google punished .biz and .info domains. I decided to learn for myself if it was true. Still have those domains and they get more traffic each year. Good content, good behavior are key. As others point out (in other discussions), it helps to win consumer confidence. The sooner people trust your site the sooner they will recommend and link to it. And, yes, .com domains have the clear advantage there.
  • Chris Court: In my experience go with the .com, seo doesn’t matter but ‘real’ people always question the more unusual tlds. I’ve also found regular problems when using emails associated with the more unusual tlds to register with service providers, etc, but that’s a different question I guess
  • JL Faverio: Interesting RE emails. Any data to show?
  • Jenny Halasz: No difference, but not all registrars (and therefore hosting) support all GTLDs. I’ve run into a couple of issues with my .marketing domain name.

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