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Optimizing page speed

How to optimize site speed if your TA came from a region that has lower internet speed?

I recently run a page speed test for my website and found that they have a very good score based on lab data, but "slow" based on field data.

My hypothesis is that about 1/6 of the traffics to my site are coming from India where generally has lower internet speed.

That poses a question: Is it possible to take a step further to optimize page speed for users from low internet speed region like India and how fast the average page speed can it realistically achieve by optimizing?

Let me know your thought,


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  • Michael Martinez: Don`t publish any images. Barring that, use really small images. Don`t use 3rd party scripts. Barring that, use really reliable 3rd party scripts. If you`re using a hard drive for your Web server replace it with a solid state drive. Most of the standard "speed up your Website" advice is barely useful. Think about how you can send less content to users and still provide them with what they need. If they really want visual content they will wait for it on slow connections. If you`re just serving visual content because that is what everyone else is doing, then think about what your visitors really need and concentrate on giving them that. At the end of the day, regardless of where people are located, the best way to speed up a Website is to stop sending needless content across the wire.
  • Jay Lo: Thank you so much ! Very actionable and well explained advice !

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