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Panda Horror 4.2 Continues

Continuation Horror Panda 4.2: 
Please check the image. That`s what I got form Search Console so far and it`s on 29th of July..!

This question begins at 00:37:50 into the clip. Did this video clip play correctly? Watch this question on YouTube commencing at 00:37:50
Video would not load
I see YouTube error message
I see static
Video clip did not start at this question


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  • Suresh Kumar: Continuation Horror Panda 4.2: ;
    Please check the image. That's what I got form Search Console so far and it's on 29th of July..!
  • Suraj Gadage:  ;There could be a number of reasons that might cause the Googlebot from not being able to access. In your case I believe it could be because of two reasons:

    1. Traffic congestion and intermittent server issues at your end (99% of the time) or at Google’s end (yes, but very rarely only 1%)

    2. Problem in the server level configuration file (other webmasters have faced the same problem when they had some problem with their server level configuration file. ;

    Albeit, Google is already recommending you certain action steps to take and hopefully that should resolve the problem.
  • Suresh Kumar: But I couldn't understand the reason behind De Indexing all my pages leaving some as is?
    Explain me in detail please...!
    I reinstalled a new free theme and I'm going reset the website with good navigation ; and Optimizing all the images and minimizing script sizes at possible..!
  • Suraj Gadage: Did you check your webpage source code? On all pages of the website you have added <meta> tag to block search engines from indexing the website pages. Check this image: ;
    I believe this could be the reason.
  • Suresh Kumar: Oops! I have to recheck the website. You are saviour. I'll look into it.  ;
  • PromozSEO: Please check your site's DNS. Check if you got any info at 'Crawl Errors' section under Search Console. Most probably there is a DNS error or other server related issues. Also see, if you have exhausted your monthly bandwidth quota.
    Do check your robots.txt file too

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