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I have been seeing this `Download optimized image, Javascripts and CSS for this page` in Pagespeed Insights. How to use this?? I replaced some images and it does affect #pagespeed.

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  • K Neeraj Kayastha: I have been seeing this 'Download optimized image, Javascripts and CSS for this page' in Pagespeed Insights. How to use this? I replaced some images and it does affect .
  • Kapil Bhardwaj: Remove blank space from your JabaScript And Css... And use this tool for Optimized images:- pnggauntlet(dot)com
  • Promoz SEO: I think it's for minified JS, CSS and image EXIF data.
  • K Neeraj Kayastha: Does optimised here means only minified, ​?
  • Promoz SEO:  ;, minification of CSS and JS helps in faster site loading.
  • Scott Harris: Thought it was kinda interesting to see Google offer to "compress" an already minified CSS file for me... the result was an empty 8kB file... Make sure you have plenty of large grains of salt handy as you work through all the pagespeed "insights."

    Another thing: you can get their analyzer to give you a 100/100 for user experience today but it will most likely roll back some tomorrow as variables change in their process and the algo reevaluates what it just reevaluated...

    And yet another thing: the biggest slowdowns to my sites come from social media buttons and items sourced from Google servers (think Analytics and AdSense).
  • K Neeraj Kayastha: i am not a technical person so i have to consult a developer. Though i changed images and found that they worked.
    Can't we put analytics and other such scripts in footer. Social buttons, I have removed from header already.
  • Kapil Bhardwaj: Use this site to Minify your CSS and HTML page.. www(dot)gtmetrix(dot)com

    paste your site url and its show minify css and html, Click on it and download the minify page...... If you face any problem so tell me i help you :) ;
  • Promoz SEO: Compression is an important part of speed optimization. We should use GZip compression on all types of files (except images; image files are already compressed). Minified CSS and JS files should be compressed too.

    Try asynchronous jaascript and if possible, place the .js files and javascript code snippets before the end body (</body>) tag. This way the HTML will not have to wait for javascript loading and execution.

    Use CDN to distribute your web files across different server locations.
  • K Neeraj Kayastha: Look like many a person is aware of GOOGLE DEVELOPER providing such suggestion. I wanna know how you all are using this optimized resources or using different other tools. ​​ ​.​
  • Scott Harris: It looks like Google turned up the volume on a bunch of stuff... and as happens every time they do, there are lots of false positives and negatives. With this particular pagespeed thing, I dealt with every last one of their complaints in a couple hours one morning, then waited almost a week for the bot to acknowledge it in the interface. Reminds me of JohnMu sending me an email from Zurich via gmail and it taking a month to be deposited in my US gmail inbox... I've also always been wary of G tools because one size does not fit all and G has a tendency to launch (and promote) crap and expect us to deal with the quality assurance aspect.
  • Ramesh Singh:  ; you can optimize other stuff as well while it comes to pagespeed. Did you tried deferring images, javascript, CSS, browsing caching, removing render blocking JS, CSS for above the fold etc. If not I highly recommend you to try it out. ;

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