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None of my business pages are seen in SERP

I have to pages in my google plus account. One is Brand Page and second is Location page. 

I verified both with my website . And Local Page verified by PIN  i received from Google. 

But None of my business page see in SERP. 

Any Suggestion ? +Jim Munro

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  • Sanjay Upadhyay: I have to pages in my google plus account. One is Brand Page and second is Location page. ;

    I verified both with my website . And Local Page verified by PIN  ;i received from Google. ;

    But None of my business page see in SERP. ;

    Any Suggestion ?  ;
  • Mallikarjuna S: Hi  ; for this it will take some time to show in SERP. you can update your page with your targeted keywords. It will show in SERP.
  • Sanjay Upadhyay:  ; thanks for reply. Its all most a month i have update all the information. My profile strength is 100% and optimized with target keywords. In title and description, as well as alt tag where i use them for images.
  • Mallikarjuna S: Ok , You can wor on Citation listings.
  • Sanjay Upadhyay:  ; all most 30 citation submisson have done. With sane NAP
  • Suraj Gadage:  ;Can you PM the website name pls?
  • Sanjay Upadhyay: wwwdottodayastrologydotcom
  • Suraj Gadage:  ;Looks like you have a keyword rich domain. I quickly did a search volume check (in India) for the term 'today astrology' and found that it's a competitive term (has search volume in thousands).  ;Even if I google your keyword rich brand term, I don't see your website ranking in search results so your Google Business Page. Because, you need to rank on the first position for your brand name in the organic results. ;

    Off course, creating a local Google+ page on Google My Business can show up in Google Maps, Google Search, and other Google properties. However, in this case you need to establish your brand authority online so that Google could understand the intent of a searcher and decide wheather h/she is looking for today's astrology or your website brand name. Moreover, you need to be realistic and decide whether you can rank your brand term in search results. Given you are competing with big brands like astrology[dot]com prokerala[dot]com horoscope[dot]com. Even hypothetically let's say you do some offline brand promotion, if the potential customer looks you up online with a keyword today astrology, they may have trouble finding your website.

    Hope this helps!
  • Sanjay Upadhyay: Yes you right i had choose keyword rich domain . To rank quite fast as compare to other domain. And yes my website is not ranking in google first page. But i think if i created a "Google brand Page" and "Location Page" It will help to rank for my Brand keyword . I also planning to submit some json id code for "knowledge Graph" .  ;I submited my information on "free base" and some other "community directory" site . So my website can start see in "Knowledge Graph". Becuse if i rank in 9 or 10th number in SERP . "Knowledge Graph" alway comes in Top Right. ;

    Any suggestion to see my website in "Knowledge Graph" Too?

    Thanks  ;
  • Suraj Gadage:  ;You will have to do more activities than what you just mentioned (freebase, directory submission etc) to rank your brand term at first in Google search results.  ;Did you see what other competitors that rank at position 1-5 are doing? ;

    Let me give you two interesting examples that show it is possible and it is not possible to rank a keyword rich domain at first position.

    Example 1: If you search for term online universities, then you will see onlineuniversities[dot]com ranking at position 1 beating competitors like kaplanuniversity[dot]edu phoenix[dot]edu

    Example 2: If you search for term seo, then you will see almost all information related websites appearing in search results. However, you don't see seo[dot]com ranking anywhere on the top 10 search results (though it ranks at second page).

    Also, Knowledge Graph won't appear if your brand term is ranking at position 9 or 10. It's Google answer box that appears on the top (given it's displaying content from your website) even if your website rank at position 9 or 10. ;

    I found this useful article that explains the steps for optimizing for Knowledge Graph. ;

  • Sanjay Upadhyay:  ; Thanks buddy ;
  • On Page Assistant: I suggest looking at problems on website level before putting your GMB page a shot-in-the-arm. Look into your website if your meta data is in place (which I guess is not), configure your robots.txt and include your sitemap link in there (and since you don't have an xml sitemap yet, go have one), you have images but there are image which don't have alt tags, fix you htags, etc.. Citations, directory submissions and other off-page works won't give you as much strength if your base isn't that well established.
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