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Live with the redirect or publish something else?

I have a client who has a domain like https://www.abccareers.com but all it does is redirect to a page such as https://abcinc.com/our-company/careers

The HR boss put "abccareers.com" into google and nothing came up. I know it`s because it`s a simple redirect. Is there anything I can do to show google that abccareers.com actually goes to a page other than maybe adding abccareers.com to the meta title, description, and maybe on the page itself like in an H1 or something?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Michael Martinez: If it`s redirecting Google will never see anything you publish on the URL. You must either live with the redirect or publish something on the domain.
  • Scott Clark: Education required for HR boss.😊
  • Johnny Tillotson: Scott Clark yeah pretty much. The funny thing is if I search just abccareers the redirected page comes right up. I just don`t see anyone ever using google to search for a full domain like that
  • E Dieter Martin: My wife does that all the time, typing the domain name into the search bar instead of the URL bar. The URL bar remains unused.
  • Scott Clark: Johnny Tillotson add the domain string to the title tag of the redirected page and as an image alt tag and wherever else you can squeeze it.

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