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High quality scaleable backlinks

Anyone have alternatives to getting high quality backlinks that is scaleable without the gray/black hat PBN method?
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  • Travis Bailey: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand queue the guy that says; "High quality content."
  • Jim Munro: Find out which pubs journalists drink at in your town? :)
  • Travis Bailey: Actually not a bad terrible idea. :D
  • Jim Munro: ...that AND remarkable content. :)
  • Alex T. Besaw: I guess with dumb SEO questions you get dumb SEO answers
  • Jim Munro: I am sorry to disappoint, Alex. That was my best effort. :)
  • Alex T. Besaw: Jim Munro lol thanks
  • Jordan Pearce: Guest Posts and Pre Sale pages are what I use. I also still build mini nets as well.
  • Justin Brenner: I do but it is what we have mastered and our bread and butter wish I could share ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Alex T. Besaw: cool thx
  • Alex T. Besaw: I guess there`s really no need for a comment if you weren`t willing to share?
  • Justin Brenner: We have built an in-house proprietary platform that allows us to do manual blog outreach at large scale! Allows us to minimize the need for people as a-lot of it is automated :D
  • Harry Strick: at www.ranked.ai we use custom outreach to get links, it`s a long process but it results in long-term, higher quality backlinks.
  • George G.: Actually Jim is right. Socializing with journalists, influencers, bloggers etc is a great way to get backlinks. If they know you, it is much more likely that they will read your content and link to it. And then multiplying the effect when their readers read it, like it and link to it. For this to work tho, you need great content. (a big surprise)And be a bit more creative and dont just think of a blog post s content. It can be anything that is solving a problem and adding value in your niche. And make sure it is better than w/e is there now.- Make a tool- Create original research- Present the data in a more interactive wayThen beside reaching out to the bloggers you know from the pub, reverse engineer the links of a similar content and outreach to them so they can link to your better version. So this is how the scalable whitehat linking works. You need good idea, good execution and a lot of outraech.If thats too complicated to you, stick to niche edits and pbns. they still work if done right.
  • Alex T. Besaw: George G. Great insight George, I value your opinion
  • Michael Martinez: Scalable = spam. Always. That is because it qualifies as "a link scheme", even if it`s a new method for scaling the acquisition of backlinks. The only way the search engines want us to "get" backlinks in volume is to earn them.
  • Justin Brenner: Scaleable does not equal spam whatsoever. I think it depends on what your idea of scaleable is and how many links your talking.
  • Michael Martinez: Justin Brenner It is always spam. Every scalable linking technique is used for only one purpose: to influence search engine results. You can obviously take that effect off the table by only scaling "nofollow" links but I have yet to see anyone ask about how to do that (safely - Google has said in the past a large number of blog comment links MIGHT lead to a penalty).
  • Justin Brenner: Again depends on your term of scaleable and definition. We have never been penalized and have clients ranking on terms of 500, 000 search volume all day long. But we are not building hundreds of links a day and we also approach with a tiered linking approach. Works great for us.
  • Michael Martinez: Justin Brenner Whether you have been penalized or not is irrelevant, especially in the age of Penguin 4.0, which simply ignores spammy links. Googlers (and less often, Bingers) have said time and again that these scalable link building methods are spam. They are spam because of the intent behind them. If you really want a scalable link building method that isn`t spam, invest your resources in native advertising. The search engines never see it. Your perspective on link building will improve 1000 per cent.
  • Justin Brenner: We donโ€™t build spam links. All manual outreach with real sites with real traffic. We have made that process scaleable! Not scaleable in sense of getting 10k spam links. Also if I listened to everyone that claims to know seo and did what they said we both know the trouble that would cause. I test everything in a/b tests to figure out what moves the needle constantly with on-site and offsite and compare the results. I donโ€™t take the word of people I let data and results dictate ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Michael Martinez: Justin Brenner As far as the search engines are concerned, if you`re only interested in search-influencing links, they are spam. You might as well accept that. Arguing about it isn`t going to change their minds.
  • Justin Brenner: Michael Martinez Iโ€™m not interested in search only influenced links only i just told you they are real sites with real traffic. At the end of the day it doesnโ€™t matter what you or I think my results dictate that which is why we have clients paying us large sums of money for seo. We get links with cnn, Forbes etc that drive massive amounts of real traffic to our site. If you think those are search influence only then your nuts ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Michael Martinez: Justin Brenner Keep it professional. Insults are not allowed in this group.
  • Justin Brenner: There was no insult. And if you took it that way then I apologize ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Michael Martinez: Justin Brenner I will bow out of the discussion here.
  • Michael Martinez: Jim doesn`t want us to be snarky, either. Please leave it at that.
  • Justin Brenner: Iโ€™m not sure who Jim is. Again, I said I meant no harm nor insult and if you took it that way again I appologize ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Michael Martinez: Justin Brenner Jim Munro is the founder of the group. He makes the rules. Some of us occasionally help him manage the group. I hope not to distract people from engaging in further constructive discussion on this topic, so there is no need to reply to me. Have a good day.

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