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Creating SEO Report

Hello Guys,
i always work on my websites but i worked recently at agency As Seo
they asked me to prepare Report to the client At The End Of Every Month
i worked well on the website and make great results
i want to make something simple and easy for client to understand
anyone could help me with that ? or have template report for agency

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  • Blessin Thomas Thottumkal: If you got the same please share with me.
  • Benj Arriola: Generally in SEO you can report on a number of things. I will just mention a few things and let’s see if you have new questions how to make them or where to get the data.- Profits or Revenue from Organic Search- Conversions from Organic Search- Organic Search Traffic- Impressions and CTR from Organic Search- Organic Search Ranking- Backlink Profile ReportUsually when a client signed a contract with the agency, sometimes it was discussed before hand how the client wants to measure success. I would double check these documents of any kind you can find so you know what the client is expecting. There are clients that matter what you report on, they seemed to be focused on one thing. Some clients is just revenue, some is they have a “golden keyword” in their head that they always check, some its traffic. Some even check decreases in errors in Google Search Console.
  • David Ogletree: I’m surprised the agency didn’t already have something. Are you the first SEO that has worked there? I would take some screen shots from Google Analytics if organic traffic comparing last month to the same month last year. Make sure to actually show the same days of the week. So for November 2017 show 11/2/2017 to 12/2/2017.Put the screenshots in Word and write about what you did and what the screenshot mean.

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