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Is this a rich Snippet?

Is this a rich Snippet? What do you think.

This question begins at 00:19:20 into the clip. Did this video clip play correctly? Watch this question on YouTube commencing at 00:19:20
Video would not load
I see YouTube error message
I see static
Video clip did not start at this question


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  • Arifur Rahman (Tanu): Is this a rich Snippet? What do you think. ;
  • Edwin Jonk: No, that is called the knowledge panel based on the knowledge graph: ;https://www.google.com/search/about/insidesearch/features/search/knowledge.html
  • Arifur Rahman (Tanu): The link is 404 error showing. May be this is a local search/map snippet. I have verified my business page with my website so this is showing in my keyword search results page. ;
  • Edwin Jonk: Indeed it is Google My Business, not the knowledge graph. Because it has reviews and opening hours.
  • Arifur Rahman (Tanu): + ;yup Thank you !!
  • Arifur Rahman (Tanu): Thank you Tim. Nice Answer.
  • Arifur Rahman (Tanu): Did i banned from your community. I can`t comment there.
  • Jim Munro: You should not be banned, Arifur - please try again.
  • Jim Munro: Sorry, you have two profiles and one was banned. It`s not now. Banning can occur for posting outside of our guidelines. Please take a moment to become familiar with the guidelines in case that was the cause.

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