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I`m really struggling with SEO on my website

Hi all,
I`m really struggling with SEO on my website.
I have been looking at Google Search Console and I am ranking between 60 & 80 for some queries that I have multiple pages optimised for (I have green faces for SEO and Readability in Yoast).
On the other hand, I am ranking really well for queries that I do not mention on my website and have no interest in ranking for.
I know there is no magic solution or quick fix, and I understand the importance of Domain Authority and backlinks etc. However, even in a competitive niche, I would have thought that my basic optimisation would have gained slightly better results.
Is there something obvious I am missing?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Bill Wolf: Backlink text and quality/usefulness of content?

  • David Corwood: Bill Wolf sorry, I`m a complete a novice. Are you able to elaborate?

  • Gage Rael: Drop the website for me to check out, I can offer some advice

  • David Corwood: Gage Rael Thank you very much. Www.nextwaveprinting.com

    NEXTWAVEPRINTING.COMScreen Printed T shirts | Printed Clothing | Nextwave Printing | NorthwichScreen Printed T shirts | Printed Clothing | Nextwave Printing | Northwich

  • Bill Wolf: The text used by other sites when linking to your pages and whether or not your pages content fulfills the intent of the search queries they`re targeting.

  • Bill Wolf: But Gage is right, a link and the term you`re targeting will help us give you more specifics.

  • Alex Crump: If the queries you have "no interest" in ranking for is pertaining to your page you might want to consider ranking for those terms, after all those are the queries people are using to find your site. Remember it`s about what the end user is looking for hence those queries, not about you and what YOU want to rank for. If you want to rank for specific queries then you need to make sure your content reflects infomation regarding those queries.

  • Josh Levenson: Pay attention to your audience, not tools.

  • Michael Martinez: " understand the importance of Domain ity"

    Not important for SEO. It`s a predictive metric but not always accurate.

    As a general rule for SEO, if whatever you`re doing isn`t working, try something else. That is, if you`re not happy with how you`re composing and optimizing the content for your site, try to break out of the boundaries you`ve set for yourself. Experiment a little.

  • David Corwood: Michael Martinez Thanks Michael. I have been experimenting recently. I paid for someone to have a look at my site a while back (albeit not a lot, and you generally get what you pay for) and it wasn`t working out. So I`ve decided to have a go at things myself. Fingers crossed I will get there eventually.

  • Devendra Pandey: Hey David There are multiple factors that helps to push your website higher on ranking. There is no quick fix, but you surely need to follow the onpage and off page optimisation strategies. Most Important your website should be perfectly optimised so that google likes it and you also like the content/topic you place on the website. This is important because you can place better insightful content which is liked by google. Once onpage is perfect, you can try to acquire some quality backlinks from related niche backlinks..

  • Perry Bernard: Green lights in Yoast SEO will not give you rank in Google. The best optimised sites don’t earn or care about green lights.

  • David Corwood: Perry Bernard hence the laughing emoji.

  • James Fuller: Not sure if you`re using WordPress or other content management but if you are or if you use a template be sure to remove all of the default content including media, pages, blog postw, etc. They can really mess up your SEO. make sure all of your content is on topic. Use a new page for different key phrases, products, services, etc. Google is looking for good organized website structure. Having multiple pages for the same key phrases can confuse google. make sure each page has exactly and no more than one H1 header. utilize your meta tags on all media, i.e. alt text, description caption, title, etc. Google reads those meta tags and will use them the categorize images and video when doing image or video search. If you can rank your media it helps heaps. SEO apps are a quick fix but not generally the best fix. again, remember to remove all placeholder and sample text, pages and media including the ipsum text.

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