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Building backlinks from other countries

Does building Backlinks/Guest Post/Citations from websites in the USA or India help a website that is in Singapore in terms of SEO ranking? (I still hear mixed reviews on this after a long period of researching. It seems like it works but having local backlinks are stronger for local authority)
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  • Michael Martinez: Earning links from any site anywhere in the world can potentially help a site with rankings.

    Building links is a risky alternative to earning them. While the same algorithms that reward sites for earning links also process the links you build, there are other algorithms to vet the links (both earned and built).

    This isn`t a good, long-term strategy because it becomes a treadmill. You constantly build more links to replace the links that either didn`t work or only worked for a while.

    It`s more productive to create useful content, especially if it`s relatively unique, and to ask people for links and to earn them over time. It takes longer to rank most content this way, but your results last longer (without repetitive intervention) too.

  • Dariusx AI: Awesome! Thank you!

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