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Are these good results?

My client gave me 10 keywords to rank his website for in 5 months. The website was just built and wasn`t even indexed.
After 5 months, I ranked 3 of his keywords on the 1st page, 2 of them on 2nd page, 2 of them on 3rd page, 1 of them on 4th page, and 2 of them on the 6th page.
Are these good results?

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  • Avinash Mittal: it`s realy good result

  • Avinash Mittal: i apprecuate your work

  • Perry Bernard: Keyword rank for the sake of rank is meaningless. What was the result in terms of business performance? The answer to that will tell you if it was a success.

  • Karunesh Kathuria: Perry Bernard true , google knows everything and get ranking is easy but getting actual leads thats what matters the most

  • Jennifer Denney: Perry Bernard This

  • Neil Cheesman: But... without given away the keywords...1. How much competition was there?2. How much traffic for each keyword?

  • Jenni Brown: Why is your client giving you the keywords, why did you not do the keyword research?

  • Michael Martinez: Jenni Brown The SEO must always support the business decision. Some contracts consist of the client stipulating the keywords. That happens a lot. The SEO provider must decide whether to take the challenge or not.

  • Jenni Brown: Michael Martinez You should always do your own research and make a business case if necessary.

  • Jenni Brown: If you do your own research, you know what`s required and whether you`re doing a good job or not.

  • Michael Martinez: Jenni Brown Not always. We`ve taken on plenty of clients with well-established history who understood their markets. They knew what they needed to rank for and we agreed to help them.

  • Alissa Janiecce: Michael Martinez i disagree Jenni Brown is correct. In my experience, the client THINKS they know their market and who their competitors are. Proper research will comfirm or deny. Additiinally, their market and competiton in the online Space, might be slightly different than IRL

  • Michael Martinez: Alissa Janiecce We`re all free to disagree, but there are many businesses out there who know exactly what they need to rank for because they`ve been doing this for a long time. Some of them ask for experienced SEO help. That`s not the time to start pitching keyword research to them. In fact, I know some business owners who would immediately say, "Never mind" to an SEO specialist who tried to do that.

  • Richard Hearne: All depends on the sophistication of the client. I work with a lot of b2b SaaS cos, many of which know their keywords all too well.

  • Jenni Brown: You need to do it for your own peace of mind. First rule of SEO is, never rely on what you`re told, check it yourself.

  • Perry Bernard: Jenni Brown all the business needs is Proof from PPC of converting keywords. From there, the selection of keywords to get organically ranked for will be obvious.

  • Tom Gooden: You`re not providing enough information to answer that question.

  • Josh Levenson: Presumably the SEO is being hired because the client doesn`t know what they`re doing. Client input is a good start, but shouldn`t always be the final target.

    Your problem is you have a back-seat-driver for a client. These people can be self-destructive because they don`t trust experts to do expert work. I`m giving the OP benefit of the doubt.

  • Chuck Price: No context so no one can give you the proper answer

  • Adam J. Humphreys: It depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and whether they are even transactional.

  • Mehedi Hasan: It`s depand on your keyword I always follow my compitetore content quality if I get some week point and less number of quality backlink than its easy to rank

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