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Best SEO practice for Franchise Business

Best SEO practice for Franchise Business Website(s)

Hi, I designed a website for a new therapy business.
The owner has since decided to franchise the business idea to other areas of the country, selling the right to use the name, brand etc.

He wants these other businesses to run independently, and has asked for a separate website to be created for each, and whilst some of the info will be specific to the new business and location, much of the content will be identical.

Is this good SEO practice? Or is there a more appropriate way to roll this out as new franchises open in towns and cities across the country?

Many thanks, this is a new situation for myself, and any advice is much appreciated!
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  • Greg Gifford: Separate sites is no big deal, but you 100% don’t want identical content on the sites

  • Christine Hansen: The easiest way is to have HQ web page and a location page that points to each of the franchises, where each franchise gets a location page. Just look at how some of the supermarkets do it. What to gain from this? - Big branding. If the website is split up into small websites, each will have to work a lot on local content, local deals, and thereby local SEO with local customers. And that is the benefit they will gain from having their own sites. I would though still make a location page on the HQ website so the nesting becomes a force, both for the franchiser, but also for the branding. I would also make a branding guide the franchisers should follow on print and digitally, to avoid amateurish design and marketing.

  • Chris Mason: Thanks thats super helpful

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