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High in rank for specific keywords

Hello! I would like to ask for your opinion for the website as below. I already received and keep receiving massive help from Jody Nesbitt who i thanks a lot. Would like to have the website below high in rank for specific keywords. Link: https://taxivangelisandson.com
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  • Jody Nesbitt: am still not seeing much relevant content, page titles need to be made content relevant also still, a small thing like changing your home page title to Paphos Airport Taxi collection service with just one focus keyword in stead of stuffing it with 4 which are at the end, then making a page for each town, that is specific and optimised, basically, content, content, content & then some more content
  • Stavros Charidemou: thanks for the recommendations! i change the title of the page, but did not understand where you are saying about the pages for each town.... You mean i should create a page for each town of the country???
  • Stavros Charidemou: just added another section under the prices table. It is for service from paphos airport to paphos. Do you think i should do all the destination like that and then when they click on them they can find out the price and more information about them?
  • Jody Nesbitt: No, each major destination, that you travel to from airport, so like a page paphos airport to paphos and this page just about that, so nothing about larnaca on here, this way you end up with plenty relevant content
  • Neil Cheesman: Should the content also be in the `native` language? (ie of Cyprus)
  • Roma Alloui: Maybe start with talking a bit about your service(s) like the paragraph you have on the footer `We are a professional taxi business which is located.....`, then have the pricing list. Also, For the title (the one you see on the browser bar/tab), I would switch it around to read something like `Airport Taxi Service in Paphos - Taxi Vangelis and Son`. However, I would perform keyword research first based on user intent and look at what your competition is using. Not sure why you started with an H3 `Paphos / Larnaka Airport Taxi Service` and then have your H1 `Paphos Airport to Paphos` Not sure I understand `Paphos Airport to Paphos`. Also, and I hope you don`t mind me mentioning it, you need to work on the grammatical errors I found (i.e. the content in the box with the light blue background), which is understandable if English is not your 1st language but I am sure you can find some here, or anywhere else that is willing to help, or hire someone to write the content for you because I believe a well written copy is extremely important not only to your reader/potential customers, but also to the search engines. You have good information about other International Airports but maybe they should not be located on your side bar but instead, place them within your page content (that is just my opinion though and you don`t have to follow`. About your `meta description`, you should know that it has no ranking factor but it does play a role in increasing CTRs, so make it enticing. Maybe something like `Get the best taxi service to Paphos International Airport and at a competitive price. Need a taxi ride to Paphos Airport, call 357-99044163 now!` Don`t forget to look at the technical issues your site has that are preventing from achieving top loading speed, and possibly page 1 ranking. Please remember, the above are just my comments/opinions/recommendations for the sole purpose of helping you, and your business attain a goal - The goal of getting your business on top of your competition, increase sales and grow. I hope they help.
  • Sherbaz Khan: Use H1 tag with your Focus keyword. Check your sites page speed insight test. 50/100 for mobile and 75/100 for desktop , , , u need some work there. Try to put some more content on Homepage.

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