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Finding keywords that are valuable to create linkable content

Hello All,
Your valuable suggestion would be highly appreciated.
(sorry for any grammar mistake, English is like my 4th language
I am trying to rank my client`s website, I need your help in keyword research. The industry in which I am working right now is highly saturated. The is a service-based software for doctors who use this to keep patient records.
There are only 8 to 10 service/product keywords which have over 700/Month searches. Which are being occupied by industry giant/leaders and third party websites (Gov`t, Business listing, Medical Journals). Please I need your help to find keywords that are valuable to create linkable content of course there would be education and sales pitch as well. I tried to use ahrefs and keyword planner couldn`t find any different which I use specifically for new page. Please help, if we can talk via message.

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  • Alistair Lockhart: Hi Nathan happy to have a chat on Messenger, I do longtail SEO
  • Nathan Bradshaw: sent you a dm
  • Christine Hansen: See how they perform on secondary keyword terms and phrases - perhaps these words should be treated as your primaries.
  • Nathan Bradshaw: there are no secondary keywords like benefits, guides, questions, etc. most of them are researchers or bloggers in this industry.
  • Christine Hansen: Ehm, secondary keywords are synonyms. Use these synonyms in phrases (longtail forms).
  • Jef Von Goegel: call some doctors and ask how they would search. field research
  • Sam Mah: or visit subreddit and doctor related forums.
  • Maria Ogorodnikova: Hi, are you considering long-tail keywords too? They have lower SV but higher conversion usually. I often find some through Keyword Magic Tool in SEMrush, oh and you can check Answer the public!

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