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Does content around 500 words work for SEO?

Is there any case where content that is around 500 words works for SEO? I`m trying to write some product pages and am having a hard time getting the word count up.

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  • Nathan Bradshaw: Depend on your website authority, off-page SEO, and industry. Search your targeted keyword in Google and see what are the first page search holders have in their pages.

    Make better than those. Here is an example: All of these pages have under 400 words but getting a decent amount of traffic.
  • Trisha Besana: Yes. As far as I know the minimum is around 300-350 for SEO. Here`s a good read bout it too:
  • Casey Markee: You linked to an article that says "there is no such thing as a minimum word count."

    "reaching a certain word count will not help a page rank better."

    Be it 200, 300 or 1000 words, you write a complete post for the user. However long that may be.

    You may want to review that again. Because 300-350 as a "minimum for SEO" is not remotely true.
  • Trisha Besana: Sorry for the confusion. For the 300-350 minimum, I was basing it off my experience and pages I`ve seen off the web by observation. Maybe a suggested minimum?

    I then linked to the article because I thought it might be helpful although I understand that both are contradicting.

    Edit: I appreciate your insights btw! I`m also learning from this since I write. Thank you
  • Jeremy L. Knauff: is correct. And he beat me to this comment. Must not have had any bacon laying around.

    Content should be as long as it needs to be. Nothing more.

    Adding fluff to hit some arbitrary word count creates a poor UX and dilutes the content.
  • Jayasanker Jayakrishnan: More than word count try to improve engagement on the page. DM me if you want me to take a look.thanks
  • Kristen Hansen Lowrey: 300 is minimum
  • Dave Elliott: There is no minimum there is no maximum. Answer the questions and give your users the information they need. The end.
  • David Morgan: You can win SEO with 50 words or 500. Just think about what you want to say.

    There are ways to get more than enough content without having to really think about it. Just get creative.

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