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Content or user experience?

Would you say content or user experience while on the content? Which beats the other for SEO?
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  • Жоро Ш. Даскалов: Content is content - main factor for SEO, but UX (indirectly connected to SEO) is closely connected to many other aspect of a website that also very important for SEO so the answer is both should go hand by hand and both should be on a decent level if you want a decent level of SEO.
  • Adam John Humphreys: Content but bad structure breaks crawling so that`s kind of an issue. Don`t bury your content. The two are kind of the same because communications is more than just word but also how it`s presented.
  • Michael Martinez: Optimization is not about picking one thing over another. It`s about maximizing the effect or benefit of everything together. There is no one most important thing in search engine marketing. The process for both paid and unpaid search involves many tasks, many components.

    You can`t optimize only one part of the process because it`s all integrated. Links, content, user experience, brand awareness, site performance, and the topicality of the content are all important. They all play vital roles in creating the search experience that benefits both searcher and publisher.
  • Levani Mirvelashvili: love your answers
  • José Rizo: Content or text rather is needed in order for search engines to rank you Then UX
  • David Morgan: A good web designer will design a website around the content, not write the content for the UX.
  • Patrick Healy: Content first - always
  • Fikri Anugrah: For me its content first then ux will follow after that both are important for seo i think

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