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Domain authority is down by almost 40 points

My couple of websites lost Domain Authority in a few days. Is there something going on with Google? Does anyone else is experiencing the same issue? The domain authorities are down by almost 40 points according to ahrefs. Any suggestions would be very helpful.


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  • Ata Ur Rehman: At first, I would like you to know that Domain Authority isn`t Google Factor.
  • Usman Ghani: There is an update on DA from Moz, DA 2.0
  • Suraj Gadage: Moz has recently changed their algorithm and have added additional new indicators to calculate the domain authority because of this many websites have seen drop in domain authority. However, please note that Moz takes (if im not wrong) only off-page factors into consideration for calculating DA. Hence relying solely on one metrics to judge the performance would be wrong.

    I suggest you always check your Search console to see if your search visibility has been affected by this or any other official update.
  • Ryan Jones: Did you lose traffic? or rankings? what does webmaster tools say? DA is pretty useless as a metric.

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