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A competitor is using our brand to steal clients

A competitor is using our brand to steal clients. How can I get their website removed from SERPs?

The competitor has put up a website that takes genuine clients looking for business "A" and sends them to business "B" (including payment data).

We need to find a way to get this fraudulent website removed from SERPs. Any suggestions…?

We`ve already contacted the hosting company but they`re simply ignoring us.

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  • Jayasanker Jayakrishnan: Why don`t try sending a legal notice saying that you`re suing them. That should finally scare them into giving up the fake domain?
  • Khairujjaman Shuvo: file a dmca
  • Stockbridge Truslow: It depends upon the nature of the infraction, but if it actually is illegal or unethical - talk to a lawyer. Any advice we might give can`t really be trusted completely since we`re SEO/WWW people, not legal experts.
  • Michael Stricker: yes, and if there is a trademark infringement, a lawyer will jump on it. Is your company name a registered trademark? Even if not, this could still be actionable, if the competitor is blatantly using your firm’s name and reputation to steal your income.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Yeah - definitely get a lawyer to draw up a standard cease and desist letter - and then send them out. Often, that`s all it takes and you don`t need to move beyond that.

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